Saudi Ceramic Company says new tile factory 40% complete

The US $66.4mn facility is scheduled to be completed by Q1 2024

Ceramics manufacturer Saudi Ceramic Company has announced that steady progress is being made on its new porcelain tiles factory, with more than 40% of the work complete.

With a capacity of 8.25m sqm, the new facility has had a total investment of US $66.4mn, with financing provided through internal accruals and fresh borrowings, local media have previously reported.

The company said that it expected to launch commercial operations at the plant in Q4 2021, but it was delayed due to technical issues. As such, Q1 2024 has been set for both the trial and commercial production start of the plant.

In early August 2022, South Korea’s SeAH and Aramco said they were setting up a specialised steel project and, in mid September 2022, Saudi Arabia said it would build iron and steel projects worth $9.31bn.

The delay was mainly due to legal proceedings from authorities as well as changes in delivery schedule of machines and equipment due to external factors impacting suppliers, the company said in its filing to Saudi bourse Tadawul.

The company also noted that since there has been no change to the project scope, there will be no change in the costs associated with the project, it concluded.

In late November 2022, AJ Steel said it would grow its operations in Abu Dhabi with a 96,000sqm facility expansion.

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