Group AMANA completes handover of $40.8mn Jotun facility in Dubai

The project has significant sustainable features and is set to achieve LEED Silver classification in the near future

Jotun MEIA’s new $40.8mn facility in Dubai Science Park has been completed and handover according to Group AMANA. The latter said the ‘state of the art facility’ is part of Jotun’s new MEIA (Middle East, India and Africa) regional office, and covers a built area of 23,000 sqm.

This is the latest project delivered to the highest standard by AMANA Contracting, with optimal quality and results, the firm said.

“AMANA continues its mission of delivering certainty and quality across milestone projects in the region. The partnership between Jotun and AMANA is built on a foundation of common values: a shared commitment to sustainability and to delivering excellence over many decades in the Middle East. AMANA leveraged innovative technologies to improve on quality and reduce materials, achieving over two million manhours with no lost-time injury (LTI) or any major safety incidents, highlighting our commitment to the highest safety standards,” said Joe Labaky, General Manager of UAE and Emerging Markets at AMANA Contracting.

In early July 2022, Group AMANA announced its new brand identity and, in late August 2022, the firm said it delivered the world’s largest vertical farm in Dubai South.

The facility is said to house spaces for corporate users for regional operations and has a main boardroom, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, gym, training rooms, recreational zones, a canteen, and other areas. In addition, the R&D laboratory building will facilitate high-quality wet, solvent and powder paint testing and research operations, and is located on dedicated floors. It also includes two pilot production labs, a loading area and store, a painting studio, offices for laboratory staff and meeting rooms, AMANA explained in its statement.

AMANA said it used modern technology including BIM and Offsite Construction to “deliver excellence and timely construction”.

BIM was used to map out digital drawings of the project and deliver thorough installation of modular systems, instead of conventional methods. The facility also showcases Jotun’s premium products by using 100% Jotun paints and coating products. The project is set to achieve LEED silver classification in the near future, the firm pointed out.

In early January 2023, CK Architecture Interiors completed the handover of ‘Framed Allure’ signature villa on the Palm Jumeirah.

Aligned with Jotun’s global initiative to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, AMANA used an innovative technique to help reduce energy dissipation in the building. Chilled water pipes run through the floor slabs, cooling down the concrete floor. This helps preserve room temperature, reducing the energy required to cool the space, the statement concluded.


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