DLD’s new strategic plan for 2023-26

Dubai Land Department sets sights on being ‘world leader in real estate investments’

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has launched its new strategic plan and vision for 2023-26, identifying the key features of its directions for the next three years.

The new strategic plan is in line with the national agenda to build a better economy while ensuring consistency with current and future global developments and practices.

According to DLD, its key vision is to strengthen global leadership in real estate investments.

Rolling out across three phases, and involving DLD employees, partners and customers in designing the department’s strategic plan, the new corporate mission and values are as follows:

  • Vision: To be world leader in real estate investments.
  • Mission: Enabling the real estate community by providing seamless real estate services, effective legislation and integrated data through partnerships, leading digital infrastructure and an empowered human capital.
  • Values: Proficient team, people-centric, justice, passion and boldness.

According to DLD, the efforts made while preparing the new strategic plan in turn created five main pillars for future initiatives. These are –

  • A pioneering real estate model, through enhancing the sector’s readiness and sustainability, and ensuring effective governance of the real estate sector.
  • The second pillar is being a real estate innovation incubator by fostering a globally attractive real estate sector and harnessing technology to enable real estate solutions development.
  • The third is a data-driven sector, maximising the added value of sector data and raising awareness, trust and transparency in the real estate sector.
  • Then, creating an agile DLD, to cultivate a flourishing digital ecosystem, enhance its operations and improve corporate governance efficiency, as well as foster partnership with public and private sectors.
  • The fifth and final pillar is Exceptional Journeys 2.0, through which the focus is on shifting to employee-first culture, refreshing DLD identity and enhancing its position, and moving to a proactive and ‘human’-focused approach.

DLD has updated its strategy in bid to ensure the best results and outputs based on four fundamental principles – sustainable impact; local adaptation; global leadership and co-operation and harmonisation.

The new strategy also constitutes a qualitative addition that would enhance the contributions of the real estate sector to Dubai’s GDP, in addition to supporting the objectives of the other sectors and strategic directions.

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