Why a tech-forward construction industry is without limits

With company turnover going up 252% since January 2021, Dubai-based Verve is setting new standards of fit-out excellence

In the Middle East, successful construction companies don’t just maintain success, they amplify it. That’s because ours is a region that is always moving forwards, setting itself bigger, bolder targets and ambitions. The Middle East is synonymous with innovation and now, when the construction world discusses the latest industry milestones, it’s often happening in the Middle East.

This commitment to quality is running through all parts of the construction industry, with the desire of construction professionals to deliver exceptional customer service permeating countless businesses across the region. Verve, a boutique fit-out business, is no exception.

A customer-focused tech innovator

With company turnover going up 252% since January 2021 and the average project value rising from AED600,000 to AED1.85mn in that time, Dubai-based Verve is setting new standards of fit-out excellence.

Less than six years old, many might wonder what the magic ingredient behind their meteoric rise is. The answer is a solid backbone of strong stakeholder relationships and a desire to go above and beyond – no small achievement in an industry renowned for notoriously high client expectations that evolve every day.

How the Verve team accomplishes this is by ensuring technology is at the heart of its operations. This way, the team manages to remain agile to the needs of a digital world by relying on the latest tools, tablets and online documentation. Yet even with such a tech-savvy approach, a team needs to ensure it has the fundamentals of collaboration, visibility and ease of use.

This is where platform technology comes in. A single hub that brings together all project data and information into one place, and ensures stakeholders remain aware of the latest project changes. Procore has done just this for Verve, with team members not only connected and collaborative, but empowered.

Empowering the team to do more

With real-time access to notes, plans, the status of projects and much more, Procore has enabled the Verve team to avoid information silos as well as give them a holistic view of how each individual’s contribution fits into the bigger picture.

Verve’s managers are able to travel to meet clients or pitch onsite to prospects without feeling disconnected from the company. Instead they feel confident through Procore’s ability to connect teams across locations. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and subsequent frustration, with greater visibility afforded to the senior team and communication becoming more aligned.

As John Juanillo, Document Controller for Projects at Verve says, “With [Procore], regardless of where we all are, we remain tethered to every conversation. This means micromanagement has become a thing of the past as no one finds themselves in the dark or needing to ask questions about a project’s health. It’s all there to see at the click of a button.”

The advantages of a system that can be accessed from anywhere may have been highlighted during the pandemic, but this is just one example of how teams like Verve are continuing to use it to grow increasingly agile and flexible. By having immediate access to real-time information, they now bring new levels of transparency to on-the-spot conversations with customers– putting them and their expectations first.

A period of unlimited growth

Over the next 12 months, the Middle East will unveil stunning glass towers, a floating hotel, and the world’s largest aquarium. These are just some of the jaw-dropping installations opening their doors in 2023, with the region’s construction business showing no sign of slowing down.

The same can be said for the Verve team who, despite a huge period of success, only want more. This means continuing to lean into the potential of platform technology, streamlining its processes and continuing to grow without compromising quality. It sounds like a lofty ambition, but by using a construction management platform like Procore, Verve is capable of delivering on it.

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