Construction Intel Summit – KSA to be held in Riyadh on 23 November

The live event will focus on four key themes including visionary designs, project interfaces, energy transition and enabling Saudisation

Big Project Middle East will hold its first summit outside the UAE on 23 November 2022, with the Construction Intel Summit – KSA. The landmark event, which will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia highlights the importance of the Kingdom in the regional construction landscape.

Initially launched as a virtual event in 2021, the Construction Intel Summit – KSA will offer attendees an in-depth look at the challenges and realities facing the country during an unprecedented period of growth and development.

Focusing on the construction, real estate, infrastructure and energy sectors, the Construction Intel Summit – KSA will bring together leading experts, decision-makers and innovators from the contracting, consultancy, developer, and government segments of those industries. Registration is complementary but mandatory for construction professionals wishing to attend.

In September 2022, Knight Frank estimated over $1.1tn in real estate and infrastructure projects are currently underway in Saudi Arabia.

The day-long event will comprise panel discussions, presentations and will offer delegates in-person networking with regional movers and shakers. The event will focus on four key themes:

  • Visionary Designs: Design considerations and procurement strategies to achieve Vision 2030
  • Project Interfaces: Integrating multiple contract packages and sequencing workflows on the Kingdom’s gigaprojects
  • Energy Transition: Providing direction and unification while driving Saudi Arabia’s Energy Transition process
  • Enabling Saudisation: Providing pathways of growth and development to Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning talent pool of Saudi construction professionals

Following on from two successful virtual events, the Big Project ME editorial team felt that the time was right to launch a live, in-person event at the heart of the Kingdom, especially given the massive surge in construction activity within the country over the last few years, the team noted.

“Saudi Arabia is a magnet for the regional construction industry, with every major consultant and contractor eyeing a piece of the pie in the Kingdom. However, there also exists a robust and self-sufficient construction sector within the country, so competition for work is going to be fierce and sustained. Furthermore, there is going to be a serious demand for resources and labour – the question about whether the Kingdom’s supply chain can cope with the demands being placed upon it by the many gigaprojects is one that needs to be answered,” said Gavin Davids, Head of Editorial and Content at Big Project Middle East.

He added, “The Construction Intel Summit – KSA is an opportunity for industry professionals to hear from experts about how these concerns are being addressed, and how the sector needs to adapt and challenge itself to overcome these obstacles. Work is already well underway on a number of large-scale, iconic projects – but we need to be mindful of the impact these projects will have and what the rapid transition that is taking place will have on Saudi Arabia’s people, culture and environment.”

Speaking at the first Construction Intel Summit – KSA, which was held in June 2021, Sachin Kerur, Head of Middle East Region at Reed Smith, said at the time that Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 would be a driving force for the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy, as well as it’s transition from traditional energy sources and towards renewable energy.

“Given KSA’s plan to build several gigaprojects and new cities, there is a huge opportunity to ramp up the renewables sector in the region and implement some new and innovative approaches to energy production,” he commented.

In September 2022, Saudi officials said the country would build iron and steel projects worth $9.31bn.

“There needs to be a number of economic and commercial incentives for energy producers and consumers that will create a macro-level shift. However, there needs to be buy in from the people on a granular level. We need to change behaviours around energy consumption and savings. Forums such as the Construction Intel Summit are crucial to stoking the hydrogen-fuelled fire when it comes to maintaining the momentum around renewable energy and working through the challenges which KSA may face in the future,” he continued.

Registration is free for construction professionals wishing to attend. Industry professionals interested in attending or participating in the event can visit: for more information and to stay up to date with the latest announcements and developments with regards to the Summit.


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