Volvo CE upgrades L25 electric wheel loader

The time it takes to achieve a full charge has been halved to only six hours with the improved 6kW on-board charger according to Volvo

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has added a host of upgrades to its zero-emissions L25 Electric wheel loader, increasing versatility, operator comfort and uptime, the company has announced.

Among the new enhancements, a parallel linkage, especially suited for medium-duty cycles and pallet-handling applications, will serve as a compliment to the existing Z-type, delivering high breakout torque with the maximum speed of the L25 Electric increasing up to 20kph.

According to Volvo, noise emissions have been reduced inside and outside the cab due a new hydraulic pump and the relocation of the main control valve from the cab to the front frame. Further increasing cab comfort, operators working in more chilly climates can now choose the time and days of the week that they would like to arrive in a pre-warmed and defrosted cab with the new programmable cab heater option.

In August 2019, Volvo said it had sent its first electric compact excavator to a customer site.

A new electric parking brake with hill-hold functionality for operators working on inclines or rough terrain is expected to increase uptime, while the disc-brake that was present in the former model has now been replaced by a spring-applied and hydraulic-released wet-disk brake. This removes related maintenance requirements, helping to further cut costs and machine downtime, the company says.

The time it takes to achieve a full charge from zero has been halved to only six hours with the improved 6kW on-board charger – if used with a 400V 16A CEE socket or public charging station. Speedier charging is still available with faster off-board chargers 9.6 kW and 17.3 kW, Volvo CE explained.

Paolo Mannesi, Global Product Manager for Volvo Compact Wheel Loaders said in a statement: “Thanks to the results of a close collaboration with our dealers and customers, we are proud to reveal the next level in outstanding electric performance. With all these upgrades, the L25 Electric now boasts even greater comfort, productivity and uptime, making it a truly unique product on the market. Our electrification journey continues, and I cannot wait so see the next models reaching our customers.”

In November 2020, Volvo CE unveiled its mid-size electric excavator prototype with a rear video screen, while in September 2021, Volvo CE said it had developed an electro-hydraulic system.

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