AESG to push smart buildings with WiredScore and SmartScore accreditation

The firm says the smart building market is projected to grow at CAGR 10.9% between 2021 to 2026

In response to the accelerated pace of digital transformation and increasing investment being funneled into smart buildings, AESG says it is now one of the first firms in the region with accredited professionals who can support developers, building owners, and facilities managers in achieving WiredScore and SmartScore certifications.

According to AESG, the globally recognised certifications were developed to create technologically advanced buildings with uninterrupted connectivity that helps advance functionalities such as collaborative working, health and well-being, safety, security, and sustainability, and supports the incorporation of future innovations.

These benefits translate to the ability to attract and retain tenants and increase rental value, with studies showing that the WiredScore certification increases a property’s rental value by an average of 5%, the firm stated.

In early August 2022, PNC Menon, Chairman of Sobha Group said that smart homes are a critical component of smart cities.

“Work and living spaces have fundamentally changed in recent decades and high-quality, uninterrupted connectivity is now as vital to occupants as running water. In fact, quality of digital connectivity places second only to location among the top criteria tenants look for when moving to a new office. Smart buildings are fundamentally shifting the real-estate market, forcing building owners and landlords to re-evaluate functionalities ranging from user productivity and well-being to environmental impact,” said Saeed Al Abbar, CEO at AESG.

He added, “These stakeholders must now recognise that advanced, sustainable digital infrastructure is the foundation of the ongoing revolution to make buildings smarter and thereby enable a more collaborative, innovative, and dynamic future.”

Middle East Consultant will host its inaugural Wellness in Construction Summit in Dubai on 28 September – registration and attendance is free for construction professionals.

AESG explained that Rohan Chandavarkar, Associate Digital Delivery and Mark Derbyshire, Commissioning Manager have been trained under the WiredScore and SmartScore accreditation programs. The firm said both individuals will work closely with AESG’s clients to understand, improve, and communicate the user functionalities and technological foundations of their buildings to deliver exceptional user experience, drive cost-efficiencies, meet high standards of sustainability and future-proof buildings.

The firm said it estimates the typical certification period for WiredScore and SmartScore to be between three to four weeks. Following certification, the firm, together with WiredScore, will help promote the building by defining a bespoke leasing and marketing strategy that includes information such as tenant engagement guides, building fact sheets, and building roadmaps that will help the client provide training to leasing teams, brokers, and project managers, it added.

During this initial launch phase, AESG will primarily target commercial buildings – both existing and in development – in the UAE. The firm then intends to expand the offering to the rest of the GCC, United Kingdom and Singapore.

In early July, AESG’s Lindsey Malcolm told Middle East Construction News that a longer-term perspective to decision making is key to tackling GHG emissions. Later in the month, AESG announced it achieved Fire and Life Safety certification from Saudi Civil Defense.



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