Construction of Al Mishraq underway says Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City

Designed by CallisonRTKL, the development is said to embody contemporary Salmani architecture

Construction of Al Mishraq, which is billed as a new central zone within the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, has commenced. The zone is to be a hub for residents and businesses and is expected to be the city’s second largest once complete, spanning 680,000sqm. It will include residential areas and public amenities, while flexible workplaces will be integrated to create a vibrant work-live-play environment, a statement from the nonprofit city said.

The first phase of Al Mishraq will see the development of 105,000sqm of retail, residential, incubator, and office space, along with an eight-screen, 900-seat cinema and 1,500 underground smart parking area, which will be integrated with the city’s mobile app.

“Al Mishraq lies at the heart of the city. It will be a laboratory for innovation and creativity, inspiring residents, visitors and businesses. The development of Al Mishraq will align with the wider goals of the city, embodying sustainability and smart technology, while nurturing future young Saudi leaders,” said David Henry, CEO of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City.

The nonprofit city was unveiled by HRH Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Mohammed bin Salman Misk Foundation in November 2021. The project falls under the remit of the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (Misk).

Designed by CallisonRTKL, the development is said to embody contemporary Salmani architecture and is modeled as a livable outdoor ecosystem. Al Mishraq will be a human-centered, linear open space that caters to the needs of all, the statement said.

It added, the rich and diverse environment of Al Mishraq will foster global partnerships and cross-collaboration of services and products, enabling the development of human capital, a vibrant knowledge economy, and the empowerment and engagement of young Saudi talent. Al Mishraq will incubate, showcase, and bring new ideas to market by encouraging people to meet, communicate, think, and innovate.

Al Mishraq will offer unparalleled retail, food and beverage, and leisure experiences, the developer added. It also noted that the zone will feature a diverse food scene from unique cafes to world-class fine dining restaurants with stunning views of Wadi Hanifa. Al Mishraq’s leisure facilities will also enhance the lives of the young population, with a variety of health and wellness offerings as well as other activities to enable people to enjoy their valuable leisure time, it explained.

In March 2022, the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City’s masterplan was unveiled.

An iconic element of Al Mishraq will be the Central Spine, a unique shaded pedestrian zone that integrates the latest environmentally conscious shading and cooling technologies, including a series of active cooling wind towers, to enhance thermal comfort for pedestrians, all year round, the developer pointed out.

The architecture of the Central Spine is said to have been inspired by both Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and its bright future, representing the Kingdom’s rapid transition to the future while honoring its past.

The creative arts scene will be nurtured at Al Mishraq, with the development of creative institutes and the display of artwork in public spaces. Artists will be encouraged to exhibit their work, providing unique experiences in art, design, and visual innovations for the enjoyment of visitors and residents of the City, the developer concluded.

In May, the construction of a 210,000sqm campus was nearly complete according to Misk Schools.


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