2022 Fleet & Mobility Summit to take place on 21 September in Dubai

The key themes of this event are identifying which technologies are most likely to be useful for the long-term operational success of business and meeting rapidly changing demands in the market

Truck & Fleet Middle East (T&F ME) has announced its 2022 Fleet & Mobility Summit will take place at the Radisson Red in Dubai on 21 September. The event will bring together movers and shakers from regional end customers, manufacturers, technology firms and others, for a day of in-depth panel discussions and presentations.

The live event is free to attend for industry professionals and is expected to focus on several key themes including: How technology is reshaping the world and businesses; the shift from on call to on-demand in the market; artificial intelligence and vehicle autonomy in action; the need for less speed and more safety and much more.

Discussing some of the key trends in the regional fleet and mobility spaces in 2022, Stephen White, Head of Content at Truck & Fleet Middle East detailed, “The most exciting story of the past few years has been the acceleration of electromobility – and its potential in the region – but when it comes to the fleet space and mobility in general, there are a whole raft on new technologies in terms of alternatives that could be relevant here, such as green hydrogen and biofuels.”

“However, greater connectivity through technology is most likely to have the greatest impact during this decade. Likewise, practical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence should deliver huge efficiencies in the logistics and transportation sectors. Sitting over all of this is the need to meet green and development targets in the region, and what contribution can the sectors such as logistics, transport and transportation make in that effort.”

Ahead of the 2022 Fleet & Mobility Summit, Truck and Fleet Middle East is surveying the B2B automotive sector and the transport and logistics industry to get a greater understanding of the current state-of-play regarding electric vehicle adoption and other aspects of new mobility in the market. Take the survey by clicking here.

Asked about the forthcoming summit and the key themes he will be focusing on, White notes, “We will be doing deep dives into the aforementioned trends but we have also come out of the global COVID-19 crisis with a market that is facing up to higher fuel prices and inflation. It is also one that is much more alive to the possibilities of doing business in the digital space. The key themes of this event are identifying which technologies are most likely to be useful for the long-term operational success of business and meeting rapidly changing demands in the market.”

In June 2022, White reported that diesel pump prices in the UAE have increased by 35% since January 2022.

White says that industry professionals can expect to hear from a raft of decision-makers and industry influencers saying, “We are putting together an exciting line-up of speakers from both inside and outside the industry. With this event we want to bring in technology experts you probably haven’t heard speak at a forum like this in the region: people with expertise in AI, mobility and connectivity and can broaden the mind of professional fleet owners. I am really looking forward to revealing more details on these over the coming weeks.”

Making his closing remarks outlining what he wishes delegates to leave the summit with, White remarks, “The main goals are to find clarity for fleets, set benchmarks, and learn where the direction of travel is most likely to take us when it comes to the mobility in the B2B and B2C space. Ultimately, this is probably the best forum to try and find answers for the questions fleets are asking about where and how they can use mobility technology to make savings, improve efficiencies and grow their businesses.”

Read more about the summit’s agenda on the Fleet & Mobility Summit website. MECN’s sister site Truck & Fleet ME covers news relating to the truck, fleet and logistics markets, as well as the automotive sector.


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