Dayim Equipment Rental to operate fleet facility for the AMAALA and Red Sea Project

Under a new deal, the rental company will have a team on-site to provide training and support for all plant, equipment, vehicle and logistic needs

Dayim Equipment Rental has signed a deal to become the exclusive owner and operator of the PMV Fulfillment Centre for the AMAALA and Red Sea Project for The Red Sea Development Company.

Speaking exclusively to Mark Dowdall, Assistant Editor at Construction Machinery Middle East, Andy Carter, General Manager of Dayim Equipment Rental explained that as part of the deal Dayim Equipment Rental had been given a 10,000sqm piece of land on the project site, on which it will put and manage its own PMV Fulfillment Centre.

“It’s basically a Dayim operation but on the actual Red Sea Project so we are renting our core equipment, but we are also managing for the Red Sea Development company some of our non-core assets,” he said.

“Any requirements they’ve got for plant, equipment, vehicles or logistic support, we can do. We’re doing our normal equipment rental service offering but we are doing what we call a managed service, so we are managing the site as well. We are on the site checking all the equipment from the subcontractors, carrying out inspection checks on all the equipment so it’s not just an equipment rental place. And this is where we want to take the business. We want to be an equipment rental business, but we also want to show our expertise in managing services and what we know about plant and equipment.”

Dayim Equipment Rental has already started to mobilise its team for the project with a contractor on the ground ensuring everything is efficiently set up. “We have a Contractor Director who is setting it up now. Our offices will be there and we will have workshops there. We’re also putting a training facility on site, so we can carry out all the IPAF training for important things like working at height.”

With over 2,000 units in their power fleet, ranging from 30kVA to one MW, the company has one of the biggest fleets in Saudi which is currently its most active market. Already, this year it has made major investments into expanding its extensive fleet. Both its material handling and access fleet, which includes names such as Genie and Zoomlion, make up a large proportion of its portfolio alongside various forms of power and tower lights. With an established base in Saudi, Oatar and Kuwait the company hopes to have its UAE base set up by early next year.

In June 2022, Zahid Tractor said it was delivering Cat power solutions for The Red Sea Project, and later in the month, WSP & TRSDC said they were investing in decarbonised mobility solutions at the project. Later in the month, the TRSDC and ARCHIRODON said they had completed the installation of the last connecting piece for the crucial Shura Bridge project.

The full interview will appear in the July 2022 issue of Construction Machinery Middle East.

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