Komatsu to acquire Swedish attachments manufacturer

Komatsu and Bracke have worked together on several developments in forest and construction machines since 2014

Komatsu Forest AB, a wholly owned subsidiary in Sweden of Komatsu Ltd, is set to acquire Bracke Forest AB, which develops, manufactures, and sells application-specific attachments for silviculture.

The company said in a statement that it is planning to close the acquisition on 1 July, 2022, on the condition that all necessary procedures for closing are completed.

Tree planting is expected to expand worldwide for lumber production and as the promotion of carbon neutrality increases to help meet environmental goals. The acquisition comes as the need for mechanisation continues to grow, especially in tree planting where work can be labour intensive.

Since 2014, Bracke and Komatsu have engaged in joint development by sharing respective technologies and experience accumulated over the years, respectively in forest and construction machines. Komatsu added that it will work to improve smart forestry and provide higher value-added products to enhance the safety and productivity of customers’ jobsite operations.

“Komatsu also works to mechanise dangerous work, facilitate wide use of forest machines that contribute to safety, and promote smart forestry that analyses drone and satellite- based data for the management of forests, including the number and height of trees,” the company said.

In September 2021, Komatsu said it was aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. In October, Ritchie Bros. acquired SmartEquip for $175min August it also acquired Euro Auctions for $1.08bn.



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