Cummins debuts 15-litre hydrogen engine at ACT Expo

Firm will produce hydrogen internal combustion engines in 15- and 6.7-litre displacements, enabling the industry to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Cummins has debuted its 15-litre hydrogen engine at ACT Expo, a major transportation technology and clean fleet event in the US.

This engine is built on Cummins’ new fuel-agnostic platform, where below the head gasket each fuel type’s engine has largely similar components, and above the head gasket, each has different components for different fuel types.

This version, which is expected to reach full production in 2027, pairs with clean, zero-carbon hydrogen fuel, a key enabler of Cummins’ strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In September 2021, Cummins Arabia reiterated its commitment to hydrogen evolution in the MENA region and, in October 2021, Cummins Arabia and SWCC announced plans to develop a hydrogen plant in KSA.

“We’ve established significant goals as part of our PLANET 2050 sustainability strategy, including a target of zero emissions,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, President, Engine Business, Cummins Inc. “Reducing well-to-wheels carbon emissions requires innovation of both energy sources and power solutions. While use cases for battery electric and fuel cell electric powertrains are promising, the pairing of green hydrogen in the proven technology of internal combustion engines provides an important complement to future zero emissions solutions.”

Cummins announced the testing of hydrogen internal combustion (ICE) technology in July 2021 with additional testing on Cummins’ more advanced prototypes to begin soon, the company said.

Hydrogen internal combustion engines use zero-carbon fuel at a lower initial price of a fuel cell or battery electric vehicle with little modification to today’s vehicles. Accelerated market adoption of hydrogen engine powered vehicles is driven by a range of factors including the technology’s high technology maturity, low initial cost, fast fueling and powertrain installation commonality.

In October 2021, the firm took its Performance Series engines global with India, China emission certifications.

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