Scania engines ‘crushing it’

New engine success for Powerscreen crushers

The Starloc Powerscreen XA400S crusher can process up to 400 tonnes of rocks per hour

The Starloc Powerscreen XA400S crusher can process up to 400 tonnes of rocks per hour

Users of the new Powerscreen crushers fitted with the latest Scania engines in Europe are seeing improved performance for the units, as well as lower fuel consumption.

Starloc, the French Powerscreen dealer who also provides a leasing service, has noted strong performance on a tunnel-widening job in Lyon, France, where time pressures dictate that everything must go smoothly.

The whole operation hinges on the availability of dependable machinery, including the Powerscreen XA400S crusher, capable of processing up to 400 tonnes of rocks per hour.

Powered by a Scania DC9 080A engine, with output of 202kW, Georges Cabanne CEO of Starloc, says that he is pleased with the performance of the new engine.

“The new engines are far less noisy to start with, and they have far better fuel economy than their predecessors,” he says.

“A 20 percent reduction in consumption means a lot with machines that consume 500 to 600 litres of diesel per day.”

For Cabanne access to Scania’s aftersales service is perhaps the greatest benefit.

“It sometimes took our previous engine supplier up to three days to get to our customer’s premises in case of maintenance issues,” he says. “Scania acts within an hour, plus we benefit from their 24/7 assistance.”

Cabanne says the company has eight crushers in operation, and gives feedback to Scania on their performance. 

“By acting as a field lab, we help to further their technology and to adapt the engines even better to our business.”


The Powerscreen XA400S crusher is also available to be specified with a CAT ACERT engine.

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