Oman’s 1,800m long zipline could be operational by Q4, 2022 says official

Plans are also underway to develop new hotels in the Musandam Governorate to attract more tourists

65% of construction works have been completed on Oman’s longest zipline. Work is said to be progressing at a steady pace on the project, which runs from the top of a mountain to the Atana Khasab Hotel in the Musandam region.

“This project is a distinctive addition to the adventure tourism infrastructure for Musandam and hence we are working on the speedy completion of the 1,800m-long zipline project. It is likely to be operational in Q4 of 2022,” said Nofal bin Mohammad Al Kamzari, the Assistant Director, Heritage and Tourism Department in Musandam Governorate in an interview with Muscat Daily. Al Kamzari said work on the road leading to the zipline site has already been completed.

Discussing other tourism projects in the area, he pointed out that the ministry had inspected many sites in the Wilayat of Madha, in order to develop a plan for the establishment of mini-tourist oases.

The ministry also signed usufruct contracts for the establishment of three hotels, two in the wilayat of Bukha and another in the wilayat of Madha to increase the number of hotel rooms in Musandam and attract tourists.

In recent years, Oman has invested in new resorts and facilities to boost tourism. In 2018, work began on the country’s first adventure resort. In April 2022, the country unveiled 18 investment opportunities include six projects in the tourism sector worth $2.52bn. In May 2022, the Al Taher Group said upgrade works on the Oman Avenues Mall is on schedule and was commissioned in response to global retail trends and customer expectations.

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