25% of homebuyers in Dubai keen on living spaces that boost mental health

A recent study about work-life balance conducted by mobile tech company Kisi said Dubai residents are among the most overworked in the world

Real estate brokerage Union Square House (USH) has stated that a quarter of homebuyers in Dubai are on the hunt for living spaces that provide mental health benefits. Living spaces and amenities that bolster mental health include spa-inspired bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs, meditation corners, indoor plants and fixtures, outdoor spaces, layouts which let in more natural light and fit-for-purpose residential communities, the firm announced.

According to a statement, developers and facilities management firms play a key role through the upkeep of common areas, which represent essential convening venues for the community to celebrate gatherings and engage in fun activities.

According to a recent study about work-life balance conducted by mobile tech company Kisi, Dubai residents are among the most overworked in the world. As a result, stress levels tend to be higher, which makes finding a healing place in a home a necessity, the statement said.

“The last two years have been tough on all of us. Apart from work-related challenges, our living spaces may have a direct impact on our mental health. In the wake of the pandemic, the correlation between a home and stress levels can’t be overlooked,” said Gaurav Aidasani, Founder & Managing Director, Union Square House.

Homebuyers in Dubai are increasingly pursuing thoughtful layouts and wellness-focused designs. Over the past couple of years, a new form of demand for living spaces that aim to enhance positive emotions and reduce depression emerged. Developers are now taking note of this trend to optimise living space for health and mental wellness, the firm outlined.

Aidasani added, “Finding the right home to ease the mental health burden extends beyond the living space itself. Homebuyers need to find the right community first. Many of us envisage owning a home in a friendly, serene community with parks, play areas, gyms and pools. Being part of a lively neighbourhood has moved up the homebuyer’s agenda thanks to a prevailing work-from-home lifestyle calling for greener communities where people can spend their times joyfully. However, singles or couples may prefer living in the bustling city centre. Therefore, it is important to pick a community that suits you based on what a perfect home personally means to you. You must live in a community where you feel a sense of belonging.”

When identifying the right community, homebuyers should also consider ease of access. Some communities in Dubai suffer from traffic congestion. Time spent coming in and going out of a residence can have an impact on mental health. Factoring in proximity of a home to key facilities is also important. Short distances to points of interest such as schools, hospitals, retail outlets, leisure facilities, beauty centres and restaurants can make life easier, hence reducing stress levels, the firm concluded.

In recent years, developers have stepped up their focus on launching developments that boost mental health. In March 2022, Majid Al Futtaim Communities launched Elysian at Tilal Al Ghaf, which the firm said is designed for idyllic living. In April 2022, the Middle East’s first five-star wellness retreat opened and in April, the Green Riyadh project began the afforestation of neighborhoods in the city, as part of a Saudi-wise push towards wellbeing.

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