Sobha expects ‘considerable increase’ in residents at Sobha Hartland in 2022

Developer says it expects foreign investors seeking to settle in Dubai to drive demand

Sobha Realty has said that it expects a considerable increase in the number of residents in the luxury community in 2022, due to a rise in demand, led by foreign investors seeking to settle in Dubai.

In a statement, the developer said that more than 2,000 families are currently residing at its Sobha Hartland development, and as many as 3000 residences are expected to be sold by 2022, with the community anticipating hosting over 6000 families by 2025.

PNC Menon, Chairman of Sobha Group said: “Dubai has always been a beacon of modernity and progress, and Sobha Realty has always worked towards contributing to its growth and development. Through Sobha Hartland, we strive to provide an inclusive community where people of all backgrounds can flourish.

“We are confident that the future belongs to fully integrated communities, which is why we strive to provide only the best facilities for our residents. Our aim has always been to facilitate leisure, recreation, and wellness, allowing you to dedicate your time to creating last memories with loved ones,” he added.

The Sobha Hartland community includes various amenities designed to entertain both individuals and families such as swimming pools, tennis courts, yoga centres, gyms, playgrounds, and parks. The community also has two international schools that have been operating successfully for over four years- North London Collegiate School, and Hartland International School.

Located in the Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City, the community also takes pride in being self-sustainable and prioritising the protection of the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. Over 30% of the land- which is over 22 hectares- has been dedicated to maintaining a green environment with more than 300 species of plants and trees.

Designed to offer higher lifestyle standards with comfort and luxury, Hartland also consists of various coffee shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, spas, and beauty salons. It is also set to host a shopping mall soon, along with various restaurants located on the waterfront.


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