Over $207mn invested into enhancing power distribution systems in Oman says Mazoon Electricity

The firm, which is a member of Oman’s Nama Group, is also developing electronic systems to operate and monitor the performance of the power network and ensure service continuity

Mazoon Electricity said its total investments to enhance Oman’s power network has exceeded $207mn. In line with its 2022 project plans, it is building several primary substations with related 33kV and 11kV feeders to expand the power network, enhance network performance, and ensure service sustainability for customers across governorates under its coverage area.

According to a statement from the firm, the projects are being executed in governorates including Al Dakhiliyah, North Al Sharqiyah, South Al Sharqiyah, South Al Batinah, and the Wilayat of Suwaiq in North Al Batinah.

Mazoon Electricity said it recently began operations of electricity distribution project that called for an investment of $72.7mn. The projects completed included a 33kV portion of the Wadi Bani Awf grid station in Rustaq and another primary substation in Suwaiq. In addition, operations were commissioned for primary substations in Fanja, Masrun in Ibra and Sayma, Humaydah, Afyah in Al Dakhiliyah. Operations were also commissioned for transformers in Ras Al Hadd in Sur, Jibreen in Bahla, Hayy Al Turath in Nizwa, Ezz station in Manah, and Wadi Al Tayeen, and for related lines to the aforementioned substations, the statement noted.

The company is currently working to complete other key projects, the most important of which are the primary stations in Al Bashaer in Rustaq and Tharmad in Suwaiq with capacity (three x 20MVA) and stations in Nizwa with capacity (two x 20MVA), Hayy Asim in Barka with capacity (two x 20MVA), Seih Al Nama in Al Mudhaibi with capacity (two x 20MVA), Adam, Barakat Al Moaz and Samail industrial stations in Al Dakhiliyah and three stations in South Al Sharqiah covering a number of wilayats including Sur, Jalan Bani Bu Hassan and Jalan Bani Bu Ali. The completion ratio of these projects ranges from 20% to 95%, and plans are underway to complete them during 2022. The value of the investment in these projects is said to be $88.3mn.

To implement the company’s projects which have been approved by the Authority for Public Services Regulatory, the company awarded a number of tenders at an estimated value of $28.6mn. They include construction of primary stations in Niyabat, Sinaw in North Al Sharqiyah and Nizwa, stations each in Hayy Asim in Barka and Wadi Al Maawil in South Al Batinah, along with the related feeder and distribution lines. The projects will be implemented from this month onwards.

“In addition to these projects which aim to enhance the electricity network in the aforementioned governorates, work is underway to invest in low voltage (LV) network extension projects to supply the customers as well as reinforcement of the existing LV network and developing this network to comply high level HSE and stability standards with annual investments worth more than $104mn,” said Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Quri, senior project manager at Mazoon Electricity Company.

Al-Quri concluded that these projects are of utmost importance for the provision of sustainable service to the company’s customers. In addition, they contribute to supporting the electricity sector with a high-quality network consistent with international standards. Moreover, the company is introducing and developing electronic systems to operate and monitor the performance of the power network and ensure service continuity.

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