Radisson Hotel Group eyes achieving net zero goal by 2050

Hotel group has reduced its carbon footprint by 23% per square meter and reduced 13% of its water footprint per square meter since 2019

The Radisson Hotel Group is committing to decarbonising its business by setting aggressive emission reduction targets to be net zero by 2050, in line with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard. The ‘Radisson Hotel Group’s 2021 Responsible Business Report’ referenced the goal and outlined its latest sustainability targets in line with a strategic five-year plan.

The plan is said to include accelerating the implementation of the cross-industry Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality and Hotel Sustainability Basics initiative, and to reaffirming the group’s commitment to people, community, and planet as an employer.

“I am delighted to announce that Radisson Hotel Group is setting emission reduction targets in line with climate science, and we are committed to decarbonising our business. While net zero by 2050 seems far away, we need to take action immediately. Our world needs Responsible Businesses now more than ever, and we need to accelerate global climate action by 2030 to ensure a livable future for both our people and our planet. Much needed progress can be made by taking everyone in the hospitality value chain on the sustainability journey by setting increasingly ambitious sustainability goals,” said Inge Huijbrechts, global SVP Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications, Radisson Hotel Group.

The group noted that with its ‘THINK PLANET’ initiative, it is building on its heritage of sustainability by committing to set science-based emission reduction targets, and by strengthening its performance with a net zero carbon future in sight by 2050. This includes a long-term, science-based target to reach net zero value chain GHG emissions by no later than 2050, in line with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard. The group says it will also be part of the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign and will join the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign as part of an important, globally coordinated effort to reach the goal of net zero.

In 2021, the hotel group notes it reduced its carbon footprint by 23% per square meter and reduced 13% of its water footprint per square meter (vs. 2019). In line with its renewable energy transition strategy, more than 56 properties run 100% on renewable electricity. In 2021, it increased the number of properties equipped with electric car charging stations to nearly 500 in partnership with Allego, Sunfuel, and other global partners. Radisson Meetings continue to lead the industry by being 100% carbon neutral, and offsetting 37,800 tons of carbon since 2019, it said.

The group said it also made significant progress and impact with its people and communities through its ‘THINK PEOPLE’ AND ‘THINK COMMUNITY’ initiatives.

In addition, the hospitality group said it is a member of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and is said to be playing a key role in the development of the Hotel Sustainability Basics in cooperation with the WTTC. The initiative aims to create consistency across the industry and provide clear-to-recognise, easy-to-implement, and meaningful steps to improve sustainability at any given hotel. The Basics Framework will raise the global starting level of hotel sustainability in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner for all travelers and stakeholders, it noted.

Huijbrechts concluded, “We are proud to be playing a leadership role in the development of the Hotel Sustainability Basics, which will launch later this year to establish a common industry framework to grow sustainable travel. Together with our new Build Planet guidelines to develop sustainable hotel asset portfolios, these are essential step-changes that need to be made on the route to Net Zero.”


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