Tadano launches largest RT

145t rough terrain largest in the world

Tadano cranes are especially popular in the oil and gas sector

Tadano cranes are especially popular in the oil and gas sector

Tadano has launched what it says is the largest rough terrain crane (RTC) in the world, with a 145 tonne max lift and a 61 metre boom.  The crane is built over a 3-axle carrier, similar in width and height to Tadano’s smaller GR-1000XL-2.

 Globally two versions are being launched, the GR-1450EX-2 for markets that include the Middle East, where Tadano cranes are especially popular in the oil and gas sector, as well as with rental companies and for infrastructure projects; and the GR-1600XL-2 for North and South America.

“Our customers require mobile cranes that have larger lifting capacities and longer boom length,” said the company. Loads being lifted on jobsites are becoming larger gradually due to continuous growth of scale for both the energy sector and mining sites.

“With these jobsites in mind, especially the energy sector, the need for a crane that can work smoothly while maneuvering through tight spaces is essential.”

Features include a 6-section, innovatively-designed round boom, with a single telescopic cylinder which is the longest in its class, with a maximum length of 61m, and a maximum working radius of 56.0m. Extra reach is provided by a 2-stage bi-fold lattice hydraulic tilt type jib which extends the max working height to 78.3m and working radius to 64.9m.

The GR-1450EX-2 has a maximum counterweight of 29.3 tonnes, and is powered by a Mitsubishi 6M60 engine, with max output of 200kW. The crane has an overall length of 16,190mm, and a carrier length of 10,155mm.

Both the crane types are equipped with Tadano’s HELLO-NET as a standard feature, allowing customers monitor their crane activity, work history, machine position data, and maintenance information through computer and mobile devices, as well as offering advanced customer support with the system.

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