Scania highlights genset range

Dubai launch for Scania genset range

Scania Gensets can be delivered as open or canopy solutions.

Scania Gensets can be delivered as open or canopy solutions.

Scania launched its complete range of genset at the Middle East Electricity (MEE) exhibition in Dubai earlier this year, with machines rated  from 250 to 665 kVA.

A long-time supplier of diesel engines for power generation, Scania’s proven-design gensets come with several power-output alternatives and genuine Scania auxiliary equipment, such as radiator, fan and air filter.

“Users can benefit from the full support of Scania’s worldwide network,” said Mats Pauloff, technical manager at Scania Engines.

“The gensets feature engines out of the latest range, with impressive fuel efficiency.”

The new gensets are designated SG280 to SG600, corresponding to the gensets’ stand-by power rating in kVAs (kilovolt-amperes).

Three engine sizes – 9, 13 or 16 litres – cover the power range, with the 16-litre engine in a V8 configuration; the 9- and 13-litre engines are in-line engines with five or six cylinders.

A V8 engine with Scania XPI common-rail fuel injection and with a power rating of 770 kVA will be added by the end of 2013. There are three alternative control systems to choose from. The standard, designed for stand-alone applications; the most advanced is an option that allows synchronisation with other gensets, which fits well with Scania’s approach to generation at higher power levels.

“We think it is better and more flexible to combine several smaller gensets in a network than to use one really big one to get the required power output,” Pauloff says.

Units can then be turned off when demand is low and turned back on when it goes up. This allows the engines to run close to their optimum load and revs, which improves fuel economy. There is also spare capacity that can be used to allow for maintenance.

Scania Gensets can be delivered as open or canopy solutions. The standard generator comes from MeccAlte, with Stamford as an option.

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