CSCEC ME presents greener approach to stay ahead

Annual event focused on the advantages of adopting innovation and green construction

Focusing on an event theme of ‘Innovation Drive for Future Proof Construction’, China State Construction Engineering Company Middle East held its 5th CSCEC ME Technical Conference between December 8 and 9 2021.

The annual event recorded more than 480 participants, including company staff and strategic partners from government authorities, prominent clients, key consultants, market specialists, industry partners, and academic experts.

The event was kicked off with a welcome address by Mansour Faried, CSCEC ME Chief Engineer/Engineering Director, where he outlined the rationale behind the event theme and newly tailored arrangements.

This was followed by a keynote speech from Yu Tao, President/CEO, which focused on the advantages of adopting innovation and green construction as new approaches, so as to enable CSCEC ME to be ahead of its competition and to be a frontrunner in the market.

Wang Shi, founder of Vanke Board and the chairman of the Vanke Foundation, followed Tao with a speech that tackled the topic of Green Construction, where he expressed three main points – the unity of mankind to defeat climate change; his concerns about the future of Dubai in support of Sustainability; and lastly the relevance of culture, language and cooperation.

The 5th CSCEC ME Technical Conference also featured external and in-house presentations intended to demonstrate and showcase the future direction of construction, including robotics technology for construction, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction, lean construction, green construction, smart construction, the route to net zero construction, and the historical and successful first rail construction, innovative construction materials, offsite and modular construction.

Part of the programme included the announcement of the winners of the Knowledge Champion Competition, as well as the launch of the Construction Library.

The new set up was an elevated level of immersive virtual experience via a customised auditorium, advanced design of lobbies, unique exhibitor booths, newly introduced photobooth, interactive lounge areas and round table sessions. All of these came with maximised social media networking opportunities and add on features that have never been seen before.

The wide extent of arrangements and comprehensive programme was made possible this year as a a way of paving a solid collaboration and futuristic pathway within built environment’s transformation.

Feedback about the event was highly positive, with attendees terming it as an opportunity to reimagine our future as we move forwards towards digital transformation, a statement from CSCEC ME said.

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