SEZAD announces handover of fishing port to OIA

Apart from serving fishing vessels, the port also features land designated for tourism

The main contractor for the multi-purpose fishing port in Duqm has handed over the facility to the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD). SEZAD then handed over the port to a consortium led by the companies of the Oman Investment Authority (OIA), represented by the Oman Fisheries Development Company (FDO) and Oman Food Investment Company. The consortium also includes the French Lorient Port Company.

According to a statement, the new fishing port is the largest in Oman. It is 10m deep and consists of two breakwaters that are 3.3km long, along with a 1.3km fixed berth and six other floating berths. In addition, there is land designated for tourism purposes associated with the port, which is connected with the Fisheries Industries Zone and other projects in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm via a road network.

Yahya bin Khamis Al Zadjali, in charge of managing operations of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, said that the consortium is now responsible for developing the superstructure works and managing operations at the port.

He concluded, “The multi-purpose fishing port has high potential to serve a number of sectors, including fisheries, fruits and vegetables, livestock, and tourism. The port brings additional yards that can be used for tourism purposes and containers handling food activities, and it can attract the wooden ships supplying foodstuff. Further, the port is characterised by its ability to host commercial fishing activities.”

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