Dubai construction tech startup launches communication tool for industry

Zepth Meet has been developed in collaboration with Amazon Chime SDK

Zepth, an intelligent global construction project management platform, has announced the launch of Zepth Meet, a powerful enterprise video conferencing tool developed with the Amazon Chime SDK, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a statement, Zepth explained that the program was created in response to inefficient communication practices within the construction industry, and that Zepth Meet allows teams to collaborate with all project stakeholders by creating, conducting and concluding video conferences.

“Inefficient communication is one of the biggest obstacles in the construction industry today,” explained Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder and CEO, Zepth. “The fragmentation of information as it is passed between owners, project managers, designers, contractors, and suppliers leads to misunderstandings, project delays, and financial losses.

“The importance of having an effective video conferencing system has been thrown into sharp relief over the past year, with many team members working remotely or in different countries. Zepth Meet, developed with the Amazon Chime SDK, builds upon our existing platform and ensures project success by facilitating effective communication and performance.”

According to a global study from the Project Management Institute, poor communications account for more than half of the money at risk on any given project. Driven by artificial intelligence, Zepth streamlines the construction process by incorporating all aspects of a project lifecycle into a shared data environment, with modules for project financials, quality and safety, document management, and powerful analytics.

Furthermore, the platform facilitates effective coordination of activities through secure communication and follow-ups, with the ultimate aim of decreasing project costs, increasing profits for contractors, expediting completion, and reducing contract disputes.

Fully integrated within the existing platform, Zepth Meet includes a full spectrum of best-in-class video conferencing features. The integrated system allows users to accomplish and track all activities alongside existing project data. Meeting organisers can schedule single or recurring video calls with all team members, define agendas, and share documents in advance.

In-call features include waiting rooms, moderation controls, built-in chat functions, and user capabilities such as screen sharing, note taking, and call recording. Zepth Meet allows meeting organizers to conclude meetings with a clear plan of action, by issuing meeting minutes and assigning tasks that can be tracked directly within the platform.

Accounting for varying levels of tech literacy across the construction industry, the Zepth Meet interface is highly intuitive. It has controls to start a meeting with a single click, a built-in calendar, and dedicated tasks to transform issues into actions.

Administrators can organise webinars and large conferences with up to 250 participants. Zepth Meet seamlessly accommodates meetings with external clients by providing a web app experience, which eliminates the need to download or register for additional applications or software. Users can also choose to download the Zepth Meet App, available for iOS and Android.

“We are thrilled to see how Zepth Meet will utilize the communication and collaboration technologies from the Amazon Chime SDK to continue to promote innovation across the construction industry. Zepth’s construction project management technologies are helping to pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future,” said Sid Rao, GM of Amazon Chime SDK, AWS.


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