Empower awards contract for new district cooling plant at Al Khail Gate

With 84 plants and a district cooling transmission and distribution network running over 350km, Empower holds more than 76% of the total district cooling market in Dubai

A construction contract for a new permanent district cooling plant at Al Khail Gate has been awarded by the Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower). The plant is to be built at a cost of $36.2m.

According to a statement, the new plant will have a total capacity of 32,000 refrigeration tons (RT) that will cover the Al Khail Gate development, which comprises 33 buildings with 5,665 units. Construction has already begun and is managed under the direct supervision of Empower’s in-house project team.

“The new advanced permanent plant will replace the existing two semi-permanent plants. Given the huge urban expansion and the great demand for housing, the company was promoted to gear up. Since the last year Empower has managed to complete the preparation of the new plant site and adopted global design and construction standards. Upon completion, the total capacity of the new plant will reach 32,000 RT,” said Empower CEO Ahmad Bin Shafar.

Empower stated that it will continue to direct well-informed investments towards expanding its operations in Dubai. The statement notes that this echoes the company’s commitment towards the modernisation and development plans devised for its facilities and technical staff, to meet the increasing demand for its services from individuals, institutions and companies.

Last year $378,000 was invested by the company in building new district cooling plants, expanding the pipeline network, concluding contracts to establish thermal energy exchange rooms, and carrying out consultation and engineering works, the statement noted.

Bin Shafar also highlighted that the new plant will be connected to the company’s Command Control Centre (CCC) and operated via advanced technologies. He concluded, “This will ensure the uninterrupted and high-quality cooling services for the customers and to guarantee that practical and advanced solutions are employed to support sustainability by striking the required balance between economic development and environmental preservation.”


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