Al Zorah Development Company begins land-levelling works on District 9

Contractor AIMS conducting levelling works within the district, which will enable investors to move forward with construction works on their plots

Al Zorah Development Company, the developer behind the Ajman-based premium mixed-use luxury development, has announced the commencement of land-levelling works for the project’s District 9, which has seen 70% of residential plots and 10% of commercial plots sold within the last several weeks.

In a statement, Al Zorah Development Company said that District 9 comprises of a total of 583 plots. It added that the contractor AIMS was conducting levelling works within the district, which will enable investors to move forward with the construction works on their plots.

Imad Al-Dana, CEO of Al Zorah Development Company, said: “District 9 project is located at the main entrance of Al Zorah, extending over a land area of 345,000 square meters, out of the total 5.4 square kilometers land area of Al Zorah.

“The project includes five-star hotels, beach resorts, marinas, restaurants and cafes, mangrove reserve and a golf course, in addition to the many activities and events specific to the Al Zorah area.”

Al Zorah is considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the Emirate of Ajman in particular, due to development projects that witness the construction of luxury resorts on the seashore. Some of the projects include a golf club and course, a mangrove walkway, shopping sites, luxury restaurants, four marinas, and apartments on the banks of the creek.

The locality includes the Al Zorah Natural mangrove reserve, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful natural features in the Emirate of Ajman and is a destination for ecological and natural tourism. The many mangroves provide a suitable environment for resident and migratory birds, in addition to the presence of plants and weeds. The Reserve is diverse as a result of the abundance of water, with coasts containing huge groups of fish and coral reefs.

Al-Dana adds: “We directly supervise all works to ensure adherence to environmental and sustainability standards, in order to enhance our vision of achieving sustainable development with high quality standards.

“We accomplished this all within the highest level of security, health and safety requirements. We maintained public appearance, environmental standards, and focused on meeting the needs of the communities living in Al Zorah,” he concluded.

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