ION deploys region’s first ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles

Abu Dhabi station can fully charge in 15 minutes, says Bee’ah and Crescent Enterprises joint-venture

UAE-based sustainable transportation company ION has announced that it has installed high-power, ultra-fast charging stations with a total capacity of up to 350KW, on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The company is a joint venture between Bee’ah and Crescent Enterprises and said the move was in response to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Capable of charging electric vehicles (EV) through a connection to a user interface unit, the stations can supply combined charging system (CCS) EVs. Through compatibility with all manufacturers, the stations solve a common issue with EV charging infrastructure by catering to all types of e-vehicles including buses, a statement from the firm explained.

Another benefit, the company said, is the fastest charging times in the UAE. ION states the stations can fully charge vehicles in less than 15 minutes on average and can thus reduce user waiting time drastically. The stations are said to be 25 times faster than a traditional home charger which only supplies up to 7KW.

“This is yet another demonstration of ION’s commitment to supporting the e-mobility network in the UAE. ION is at the forefront of bringing transformative, green mobility solutions to the market, and we are delighted to claim we have installed the Gulf region’s first ultra-fast charging stations. This move will go a long way to promote the mass adoption of EVs which will improve air quality and reduce vehicular pollution in support the UAE’s sustainability ambitions,” said group CEO of Bee’ah and ION chairman Khaled Al Huraimel.

The stations also feature less cable work, a reduced carbon footprint and are billed as cost-effective. The company said an announcement will be shared when the stations are officially open to accept customers.

Nasir Al Shamsi, director Sustainable Mobility at Bee’ah added, “We are proud to have pioneered the installation of these ultra-fast charging stations in the region and the UAE, offering EV users convenience and efficiency that was not available before. We are rapidly responding to emerging industry trends and meeting the needs of players across the burgeoning electric transportation network in the UAE. ION’s aim is to continue to facilitate and enhance the network, while utilising best-in-class technology, vehicles and infrastructure.”

ION states that it is fast-tracking the development of electric transportation in the UAE, and has achieved significant milestones within a few short years.

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