EMPC appoints Arab Architects to Reef Mall refurbishment

Refurbishment project aims to increase footfall and attract new business

Edamah Property Management Company (EMPC) has awarded Arab Architects a contract for consultancy services in addition to the technical and design assessments for Reef Mall, which is due to undergo a major refurbishment.

As per the terms of the contract, Arab Architects will undertake the required studies to evaluate the mall from an architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing perspective, following which a phased revamp plan will be initiated. The closing stage of the six-month contract includes producing detailed drawings and outlines the rectification methodology, said the statement.

“The enhancement of Reef Mall is in line with our commitment to developing community spaces around the Kingdom by stimulating the local economy and supporting local businesses. Reef Mall caters to a sizeable and largely underserved area of the Southern Governorate and represents an excellent opportunity for eateries, service outlets, and retailers. We are pleased to partner with Arab Architects on this project, given their deep local knowledge and expertise,” said EPMC general manager Waleed Adel Ali.

The mall is in the Malkiya region of Bahrain and is said to also serve Hamad Town, Sadad and the upcoming Lawzi area.

Arab Architects general manager Mohamed Araiqat added, “We look forward to supporting EPMC to enhance the Reef Mall design, which will help to increase footfall and attract new business. Our award-winning team has been instrumental in several success stories across Bahrain as we strive to improve quality and deliver innovation in the most efficient way possible.”

Edamah noted that community engagement was central to its commitment to sustainable development and said that it is working in close cooperation with communities to accurately understand and respond to their needs.


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