“No increase” in electricity and water tarrifs

Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy insists price freezes over “coming few years”

Nejib Al Zaafrani, Secretary General and CEO of Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy (SCE) emphasized in a statement on August 14 “that there will be no increase in the tariff of Electricity and Water consumption during the few coming years in Dubai”.

He further added that Dubai’s Supreme Council of Energy (SCE) is the only authority responsible for determining the consumption tariff, which cannot be changed without a comprehensive study taking into consideration all the elements that will be affected by such step, as well as the common good of the UAE and its citizens.

The news will be a relief to the UAE’s citizens after DEWA increased its tariff structure in January from 20 fils per kilowatt to 23 fils for monthly consumption below 2000 KWh and from 33 fils to 38 fils per KWh for consumption of more than 6000 KWh per month.

DEWA blamed the increase on escalating gas and oil prices. DEWA’s Abdulla Alhajri, Executive Vice-President, Customer Services said, “Given our long term contracts with suppliers, we are not expecting any major fluctuation in gas prices. But as and when the production costs increase it will reflect in the surcharge. We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers.”

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