Half of 100mW-plus gas turbines in the region were supplied by Mitsubishi Power in 2020

McCoy Power Reports places company in leading position in the market segment for large-frame, heavy-duty gas turbines, highlighting supply to Fujairah power plant

Mitsubishi Power has secured 52% market share position in the Middle East in 2020 for 100mW and above heavy-duty gas turbines, making it the leader in the segment, according to figures from the power generation equipment market reporting agency, McCoy Power Reports.

The McCoy Power report reveals that in August last year, Mitsubishi Power was commissioned to supply three JAC gas turbine generators to be used in the 2,400mW combined cycle (GTCC) plant being built in Fujairah. Full commercial operation of the plant is scheduled to begin in 2023, making it the largest natural gas fired GTCC facility in the UAE.

According to Mitsubishi Power, the company also has fast-growing operations across 11 other countries in the Middle East apart from the UAE. These include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Oman.

The company’s statement added that the Mitsubishi Power J-Series gas turbines are popular in the regional market with their combination of efficiency greater than 64% and reliability of 99.6%. The J-Series turbines have also surpassed 1.2 million hours of commercial operation worldwide. Mitsubishi Power added that its gas turbines are also capable of operating on a mixture of up to 30% hydrogen and 70% natural gas, which can be increased to 100% hydrogen in the future.

Khalid Salem, president, Mitsubishi Power Middle East and North Africa, said: “Mitsubishi Power continues to lead the market share for heavy duty gas turbines in the Americas, and today we are proud to have claimed the title of the leading OEM in the Middle East with 52% market share of large frame heavy duty gas turbines in 2020. Customers in the region opting for our gas turbines is a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide high quality and efficient solutions, that contribute to the stable supply of power across markets.”

Commenting on the Fujairah plant, he added: “The UAE government’s energy diversification strategy is designed to move the nation towards more efficient, lower cost and low-carbon energy. Supplying Mitsubishi Power’s most advanced gas turbines, which as part of this project that will power an extensive proportion of UAE households, demonstrates our commitment to support the country’s energy transformation ambition. As a company that has contributed significantly to the development of the energy infrastructure in the MENA region for more than 55 years, Mitsubishi Power is committed to creating a more sustainable future for people and our planet.”


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