Haulotte introduces new SIGMA 16 electric articulating booms

Low maintenance, all-electric machines effective in both indoor and outdoor work with 16m working height, 230kg of platform load and 90 seconds to full boom height articulation

Haulotte has revealed two new electric articulating booms, the SIGMA 16 and SIGMA 16 PRO, which meet requirements for working at heights of up to 16m and are designed for versatility in indoor and outdoor applications covering sectors such as industrial maintenance, finishing, renovation, industry and events.

The powered access heavyweight said in a statement that the new SIGMA 16 electric articulating booms offer the “best-in-class” working envelope on the market and with their high up-and-over clearance and excellent outreach, “it is easy to overcome all obstacles to reach the most remote work areas”.

The jib with horizontal rotation ensures precision and safety in approaching work spots without repositioning the machine, Haulotte added, with this movement flexibility enabling operators to save time with manoeuvres and access areas that are not accessible with a regular jib.

Haulotte said the SIGMA 16 booms answer the industry’s expectation in terms of efficiency thanks to its two simultaneous movements and its ultra-fast elevation speed of 90 seconds to full height. Some applications require the use of multiple equipment and the SIGMA 16 models can carry up to 230kg of load and two operators without envelope restriction for maximum performance.

The SIGMA 16 operates indoors as well as outdoors on all types of stabilised slab floors, thanks to its wide, solid, and notched tyres and its high ground clearance of 17cm. The homogeneous tilt of 4° no matter the boom orientation, also makes it easy to reach the work zone without machine repositioning and time lost.

The SIGMA 16 models also have a compact footprint and narrow turning radius for ease of manoeuvring in tight and confined spaces. With the unit’s turret staying within the chassis footprint while rotating, it is also safe when it comes to damage to surrounding structures. The SIGMA 16 also has asynchronous motors and proportional controls for smooth and fluid movements, while the architecture of the machine also allows a perfectly vertical elevation of the arm.

Available on SIGMA 16 models, the Haulotte Activ’Energy Management solution reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by optimising battery performance and lifespan. The integrated smart charger adapts the charging curve and integrates specific cycles dedicated to battery maintenance. To simplify maintenance and ensure an optimal battery health, customers can opt for a centralised water-filling system, while to optimise power consumption and ensure the machine can handle daily work requirements, the SIGMA 16 models feature gravity platform lowering and a precise charge indicator on the upper control box.

Daily maintenance is helped by the Haulotte Activ’Screen interface while the manufacturer’s SHERPAL module, connected to the machine’s CAN bus architecture, decodes data transmitted by the various components on the machine. The Haulotte telematics solution provides accurate data to perform remote diagnostics, optimise technicians call-outs, and adopt best “energy” practices.


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