Studio N announces completion of three projects across the GCC

Firm says it worked with a number of parties to deliver projects that boast drama and ambience

Studio N has announced that it has completed three projects across different sectors in GCC countries. The firm says it has delivered low-glare downlight systems for SensAsia in the UAE, a modern lighting system for fashion retailer Moda by Nayomi in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in addition to a practical lighting solution for Salero Bahrain.

According to a statement from the firm, all three projects are fundamentally different but a sense of drama and ambience has been created in each space using clever lighting techniques.

Commenting on the SensAsia Spa project, the firm said it worked with interior design agency Roar and contractors Bond Interiors. The firm stated that it employed low-glare downlight systems to generate mood-enhancing lighting effects across the various elegant spaces.

On the Moda by Nayomi project, Studio N said it developed a modern lighting system for the fashion retailer, working in co-ordination with Umdasch and product supplier Ansorg. The design concept is said to capture the modern Saudi city scene and an efficient high-output LED tracklighting system was used to accentuate the choice of materials in the contemporary interior, the statement explained.

“Narrow spot beam reflectors focus the light directly on the merchandise and avoid any unnecessary spill-light, ensuring good glare suppression and a high level of visual comfort. The Studio N team wanted all eyes on the stars of the show: the clothes,” a spokesperson from Studio N remarked.

Explaining the Salero Bahrain project, Studio N pointed out that it worked with designers LXA to implement an atmospheric and practical lighting solution throughout the space.

“Large illuminated rattan baskets were used as ceiling light shades that hover above the restaurant to form one of the many eye-catching, dramatic features. To achieve the subtle floating effect and wash of ambient lighting, linear LED flex strips were carefully concealed within the internal edge of each basket. Track lighting is suspended from the exposed ceiling, between the decorative rattan baskets. Each light has a high-quality LED source with a high colour rendering index (CRI) to ensure that the dishes and colourful interior details look their best,” said the spokesperson.

He added that narrow beam angles provide direct functional lighting onto the dining tables and avoid unnecessary light spill and glare. By using concealed linear wall grazers, a wash of illumination dramatically sweeps across the surfaces, along with a play of light and shadow.

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