Grundfos calls for increased usage of retrofit solutions in commercial buildings

Water and climate solutions provider to hold webinar educating industry about retrofit solutions

Grundfos, the water and climate solutions provider, has called for increased usage for retrofit solutions to be utilised in commercial buildings to help improve energy efficiency and water conservation in the UAE’s building sector.

As part of its efforts to educate the sector, the company has announced the launch of a webinar that will emphasise the importance of retrofitting pump in commercial buildings for energy and water conservation, cost savings and sustainability.

The ‘Energy Optimisation for Commercial Buildings’ webinar takes place on Monday March 1 from 11:00am to 01:00 pm GST. The practical and informative session will focus on the problems caused by inefficient pumping systems and highlight the potential savings that could be achieved by retrofitting with the latest automated, high-efficiency pump systems, a statement said.

The webinar is aimed at engineers, facility managers, consultants, building owners and students in the region, with Grundfos specialists tackling energy optimisation, optimising HVAC systems, and proportional pressure boosting in booster systems over three sessions.

Shiney Jacob, Area Sales Director for Commercial Building Systems – Gulf at GRUNDFOS, said: “Our webinar has been designed to educate professionals on the solutions that pump retrofit will bring to commercial buildings. Our highly trained experts will explore the many benefits that retrofit brings, not only in terms of cost and efficiency but also in terms of reduced operational disruptions, improved performance, and increased customer satisfaction.

“Buildings are responsible for a staggering 40% of global carbon emissions, and retrofitting buildings is an integral part in the fight against climate change and global warming. Building owners, engineers, consultants, facility managers can all play a significant role in achieving sustainable development, and this webinar will equip them with the understanding and knowledge needed to make informed decisions and important changes which will have a positive impact on the future.”

The statement added that considerable steps are being taken to reduce the UAE’s carbon footprint, with the building sector identified as a key sector for improvement in the country’s National Climate Change Plan (2017-2050), which is a framework to transition into a climate resilient green economy and achieve a better quality of life.

A number of initiatives have been launched in Dubai to mitigate climate change, including Etihad ESCO’s aim to generate huge energy and water savings by retrofitting 30,000 buildings by 2030 in Dubai, and the Dubai Demand Side Management (DSM) Retrofit Program which also has a target of 30,000 buildings by 2030, Jacob pointed out.

Through its work with partners in the public and private sector, Grundfos’ retrofit solutions have saved at least 20 million kWh of energy in the region as of 2020, he added.

“The company will not let up in its efforts to champion sustainability through its sustainable solutions and its efforts to educate and empower stakeholders to make more sustainable choices,” Jacob said.

“Considerable efforts are being made by both the public and private sector to create the transformative changes and measurable positive impacts outlined by the UAE’s environmental policy, including cutting energy consumption by 40% by 2030. But more work and cooperation is needed.”

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