Saudi Aramco awards EPC contract for gas project to Wison Engineering

The Shaybah Gas Processing Plant is located in the Rub’ Al Khali desert in the Kingdom

An engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) lump-sum contract has been awarded by Saudi Aramco to Wison Engineering for a gas processing project at the Shaybah Gas Processing Plant. This is the first oil and gas project undertaken by Wison in the Middle East and the first modular project in Saudi Arabia.

As per the terms of the deal, Wison Engineering will build a brownfield ‘Dew Point Control’ unit upstream of existing Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRU). The new unit will recover heavy hydrocarbons from raw gas, remove acid gas from heavy hydrocarbons, and therefore enable to control foaming in Acid Gas Removal Units and expend gas processing capacity, Wison said.

This is the first EPC project that Saudi Aramco has awarded to Wison Engineering. Wison says that the contract win builds on its abundant experience and notes that it has established a good track record in project execution and modularisation.

Since its establishment in 1997, Wison Engineering has completed over 200 large and medium-sized engineering projects within China and abroad, ranging an array of sectors including petrochemicals, syngas chemicals, oil refining, natural gas, civil utilities, and fine chemicals, the statement concluded.


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