Oman opens new 18km stretch of the Adam-Haima-Thumrait dual carriageway

Dual carriageway is the longest in the Sultanate and is an important economic asset to economic activities

Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology has announced the opening of a new 18-kilometre stretch of the Adam-Haima-Thumrait dual carriageway for traffic.

According to a report by Oman News Agency, the dual carriageway is the longest in the Sultanate, starting from the Wilayat of Adam in the Governorate of A’Dhakiliyah to the Wilayat of Haima in the Governorate of Al Wusta.

The project represents an important asset to the country’s economic activities, as it serves the Duqm Economic Zone and the oil fields in the desert areas.

The ONA report added that the ministry has recently awarded the contract for the remaining 400 km strech from Haima to Thumrait.

With the opening of the 18-kilometre stretch, 280 kilometres of the total 317.5-kilometre Adam-Haima-Thumrait dual carriageway is open for traffic, it stated.

The road will also contribute to the economic, tourism and social activities in the areas along the road path and in the Governorate of Dhofar, especially during Khareef season, it concluded.


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