SEWA says operations begin on two 11/33KV stations in Khorfakkan

Stations will contribute to the ongoing development of Khorfakkan, SEWA chairman says

Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has said that operations of its Khorfakkan tunnel station have been launched, with a voltage of 11/33 kilovolts, which will link the Shees area network to the main electricity network.

In addition, SEWA says that it has also upgraded operations at The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) station with a voltage of 11/33 kilovolts. This comes as part of the development projects taking place in the city of Khorfakkan. Previously, some of the buildings in the academy were fed by two temporary feeders of 11 kilovolts from the Yarmouk and Qadisiyah stations.

On the Khor Fakkan tunnel station, Sewa Chairman Saeed Sultan Al Suwaidi said it also contributes to achieving the stability of the electrical current of the academy and its facility and neighbouring projects.

“Operating the tunnels and the academy stations in Khor Fakkan will serve the ongoing development projects related to electricity, water and gas services in the emirate,” stated Al Suwaidi, adding that this was a qualitative addition to serving the city’s residents and visitors.

Engineer Ahmed Al Mulla, the Director of Sewa in Khor Fakkan, said the operation of the new tunnel station would increase the efficiency of lighting the new Khor Fakkan Road.

“Besides, the new tunnel station will serve the residents of the Shees area, and the development projects in the area, as the Shees network, will be linked to the main network of Khor Fakkan,” he stated.

“This would also achieve stability for the networks and allow the possibility of expanding development projects, as well as upgrading the security and safety standards provided in the station,” he added.



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