ASGC launches new subsidiary for mid-sized projects

iBuild Construction will meet demand for medium-scaled projects by clients in the UAE

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ASGC has established a new subsidiary, iBuild Construction L.L.C.

The Dubai company said in a statement that the new construction company will be positioned in the construction industry value chain, “recognising the demand for medium-scaled projects by clients and adding a new niche to ASGC’s diverse portfolio. iBuild will participate in construction projects across a wide range of sectors such as residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and infrastructure, and focus on adoption of innovative technologies to ensure smart and timely delivery of quality projects.”

Presently located in Dubai, iBuild will further expand its operations into the Northern Emirates, added ASGC, “ensuring the provision of flexibility and expertise to clients, utilizing mostly in-house resources through the diverse range of subsidiaries within the ASGC conglomerate”.

“We are pleased to enter a new niche for us in the construction business, diversify our interests and see long-term growth opportunities in medium-size projects by bringing in our expertise and credibility, along with focus on building and maintaining trust and continuing relations with our partners and clients,” said Sameh Fam, managing director, ASGC Construction LLC and iBuild.

iBuild’s general manager Sherif Gendy added: “Efficient and effective delivery of innovative and quality projects lies at the core of iBuild, and we look forward to meeting client demands with operational excellence.”

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