ALEC teams up with Hilti to pilot Jaibot construction robot

ALEC becomes the first construction group in the UAE, Middle East and Africa to pilot the semi-autonomous robot that drills and marks holes faster and more accurately

ALEC, one of the UAE’s leading construction groups, has announced a collaboration with Hilti, a multinational construction manufacturing company, to pilot Jaibot, a first-of-its-kind semi-autonomous robot in the UAE and GCC, which will increase the efficiency of drilling tasks.

Since March 2019, ALEC and Hilti have been working together to test the productivity of the robot on a number of ALEC projects, including One Za’abeel, the company’s flagship project.

Kez Taylor, CEO of ALEC, said: “It is incredibly exciting to witness the transformation of the construction industry up close through our collaboration with Hilti. We are passionate about continually championing innovation and digital transformation in the industry, and via Jaibot, we can see how the future of construction is shaped, whilst unlocking new levels of efficiency in our processes.”

The Hilti Jaibot is a robot that helps add more productivity to installation in projects. This innovative construction robot takes over installation execution, while allowing project manager to track project progress and status through data. Using digital plans, the Jaibot marks and drills holes, relieving construction workers from the strenuous task of overhead drilling and allowing them to focus on operation of the construction robot.

Nathan Hanns, General Manager of ALEMCO, added: “We have witnessed great improvements in productivity, quality and safety upon using Jaibot for One Za’abeel and our other sites. The accuracy and efficiency in the installation process has demonstrated the value of being 3D driven as an organisation. Our investment in world-class technology is a testament to our commitment to continually improving our processes so that we can deliver quality projects and go above and beyond for our clients.”

As part of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, ALEC has several construction-related businesses operating across the GCC, as well as a presence in Africa. Its project portfolio is across diverse sectors including airports, retail, hotels & resorts, high-rise buildings, themed projects as well as construction management, design management, estimating, cost planning and procurement.

ALEC also possesses a Design and Build capability, which enables it to provide integrated construction solutions to clients, including complete turnkey solutions with construction, MEP, fit-out, energy efficiency solutions and solar opportunities, heavy equipment rental as well as technology systems.


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