Vogele introduces narrowest screed for small asphalt pavers

New AB 200 with a basic width of 1.1m designed for paving applications with Vogele Mini Class pavers in cramped conditions

Paver manufacturer Vogele has introduced a new extending screed with a basic width of just 1.1m, the smallest screed in its range, designed to complement the applications of its SUPER 700(i) and SUPER 800(i) Mini Class pavers.

According to Vogele, the new AB 200 Extending Screed is designed for applications such as paving narrow paths, paving between tram tracks or paving in milled tracks, where every centimetre matters. While the screed’s basic width is 1.1m, this can be hydraulically extended up to 2m, giving it a basic width 10cm narrower than the existing AB 220 and facilitating high-precision paving projects in extremely cramped conditions. Using a special system for pave width reduction, users can also implement pave widths of just 0.5m, as well as achieve a pave width of up to 3.2m using bolt-on extensions.

The manufacturer, part of the Wirtgen Group now owned by John Deere, added that the AB 200 expands the potential applications for the Vogele Mini Class pavers and provides road-builders in urban construction, landscaping and track work with more room for manœuvre than before. Together with the slightly larger AB 220, Vogele covers the entire range of pave widths for small construction projects. The road paver manufacturer supplies the new screed in two compaction variants: the AB 200 V with vibrators for the SUPER 700(i) and the AB 200 TV with tamper and vibrators for the SUPER 800(i).

The new AB 200 is the smallest Vogele screed. As an extending screed, it is flexible and especially suitable for changing pave widths. With a total of 12 different extending and fixed-width screeds, and pave widths from 0.5-18m, Vogele says it has a screed for every road construction application.

Bastian Fleischer, product manager at Vogele, said: “We develop our products in close collaboration with our customers and claim to stock the ideal solution for every requirement. Having launched our largest screed, the SB 350, at Bauma 2019, we are now rounding off the small end of our range with the AB 200.”




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