Top five tips to keep your construction site clean

An organised construction site is essential for worker safety and efficiency; however, they aren’t usually synonymous with cleanliness, in the sense of being dust and dirt-free. It is crucial to make safety a priority by following some basic housekeeping rules such as storing materials safely; prioritising the disposal of hazardous materials; and managing dust, among others.

Contractors must ensure that a checklist is in place for maintaining daily and weekly tasks and crew members are aware of their responsibilities in keeping the construction site organised through proper training.

MECN takes a look at the top five ways of maintaining a clutter-free workspace and what contractors must ensure on a day-to-day basis

Assign designated areas

Check your work site throughout the day and make sure that your crew clean up as they go along, instead of leaving the cleanup duty to the end of the shift. This reduces the risk of injuries and ensures that your crew can do their jobs efficiently and safely.

At the end of the workday make sure your employees have stored their materials and tools in the right place as well as have a charge sheet with specific tasks for all employees so that everyone is aware of their duties. Additionally, ensure that public areas are part of the daily cleaning and weekly cleaning schedule. Maintain an inspection list that should be reviewed and updated according to the work environment.

Ensure that all access points are clear and marked with signs to and from the job site, including passageways, storerooms, and service rooms. Keep in mind that your employees are responsible for keeping unnecessary combustible materials from accumulating in the work area. These should be stored in covered metal receptacles and daily disposed of, according to OSHA’s standards. It also states that dangers in electrical areas should be reported and work orders must be issued immediately fix them, eliminating fire hazards.

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