First-of-its-kind medical, commercial complex to open in Bahrain

Alsayah Square has been designed to combine both entertainment and specialised medical units

Real estate services company, CBRE has announced a first-of-its-kind landmark, Alsayah Square that is set to open in the Muharraq governorate of Bahrain.

Located opposite King Hamad Medical Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the new development will provide entertainment and medical services for residents of Busaiteen as well as people from Muharraq Governorate.

According to a statement from CBRE, the complex is designed to be the first medical and commercial project in Busaiteen, and is built on an area of 9290 sqm. comprising of three floors. The complex will feature a range of stores, including a supermarket, a pharmacy, banking and telecom services and international restaurants & cafes with ample outdoor seating areas, as well as two drive through units.

The statement added that the building will also house a medical centre in its third floor to support the community by hosting both general and specialised medical units addressing a growing demand for medical services in the area.

Additionally, Alsayah Square has also taken measures to ensure optimal and responsible use of natural resources owing to its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. This will include practices that enhance energy conservation, such as thermal insulation, which will translate into a significant reduction in long-term operating costs for potential retailers, CBRE added.

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