Sharjah Municipality saw $1.87bn worth of construction permits issued between January and September 2020

Engineering and buildings sector witnessed a 26% increase during the third quarter of the year, as compared to the second quarter

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Sharjah Municipality has announced that the contractual value of construction permits issued in the city hit $1.87 billion during the months of January to September 2020.

The engineering and buildings sector outputs witnessed an increase of 26% during the third quarter, compared to the previous quarter, at senior official at the municipality said.

Thabet Al Tarifi, director general of the Sharjah Municipality, highlighted that the northern emirate is an ideal destination for attracting investors and businessmen because of the advanced facilities and services it provides and the infrastructure.

Engineer Khalifa bin Hada Al Suwaidi, Assistant Director General of the Engineering and Building Sector, added that the sector has seen many achievements during the current year in various fields.

A total of 33,722 engineering permits were issued, and more than 59,000 inspection visits were organised to various regions of Sharjah, he said.

According to him, the engineering permits index witnessed a remarkable improvement compared to previous years, as it reached an average of 3 working days, and the percentage of remote transactions submitted reached 100 percent after the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, due to the implementation of precautionary measures.

Within the last nine months the Building Permits Department completed more than 3,858 transactions approving schemes, he continued.

Among them are 534 transactions in September, up 25% compared to the monthly average, and the number of building permits reached 1670, including 253 permits for the month.

Engineer Khalifa bin Hada Al Suwaidi also noted that the Building Control Department at the Engineering Department issued 2,255 transactions over the last nine months, for completion certificates with a growth rate of 69% compared to the same period last year, and that Sharjah Municipality’s electronic service also witnessed a turnout from construction contracting companies.

The Building Inspection Department completed 445 transactions to add regular building annexes in residential, agricultural, and industrial areas, as well as issued 559 decorative permits for commercial and industrial shops, and received 508 improvement opportunities through the call centre, he concluded.

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