Tadano introduces new telescopic boom crawler crane

Integrated into Tadano line-up, Demag-developed and German-made GTC-1800EX useful in various lifting scenarios with high manoeuvrability and several lifting configurations

Tadano has introduced a new telescopic boom crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 156t and a maximum load moment of 590 metre-tonnes.

The company announced that the new model, which was developed and built by Demag in Zweibrücken, Germany, and made its concept debut at Bauma 2019. Now that Demag is part of the Tadano Group, the crane is being relaunched as the Tadano GTC-1800EX.

The crane closes the gap between the 130t and 220t capacity classes. It has a track width that can be adjusted as necessary in both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations so that it can be used for applications in which space is at a premium, such as bridge construction projects.

It is also useful in construction work, where can move and telescope components, as well as luff down and retract the boom and then travel underneath roof structures to get to where it needs to be. It can also work as an assist crane when carrying out wind turbine pre-assembly work.

Tadano added that the load charts for the new crane’s 60m-long main boom are excellent even when lifting on inclines of up to 4°, requiring less topographical ground preparation on-site than a lattice boom crawler crane. For example, it can lift 34t at a radius of 12m when working on an incline of 4° with the main boom at a length of 30m.

Tadano cliams that with a main boom length of 60m, the GTC-1800EX already features the longest reach in its class. This can be increased further with main boom extensions with lengths of five, 11, 17, and 23m, that can be mechanically and hydraulically offset. This makes it possibel to have a maximum system length of up to 83m. The 5m extension can be folded onto the side of the main boom for transport to save space.

”There are good reasons for including the telescopic boom crawler crane in the Tadano brand: Tadano has a long tradition with these products and a very strong line of telecrawlers. This makes the integration of the crane from Zweibrücken into the Tadano portfolio an ideal addition and consistent, from a technological point of view,” said Tadano’s announcement, adding that the new crane features the Demag IC-1 Plus control as well as the IC-1 Remote telematics system technology.

Ingo Nöske, director, Product Management, Crawler Cranes, said: ”Our goal is to become ‘One Tadano’. With the first telecrawler produced in Germany and branded by Tadano, this vision is now becoming a reality.”

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