Pramac introduces new mobile diesel genset line

Range dedicated to the mobile power business designed for applications from 9-760kVA

Power and generator products major, Pramac, has introduced a new range of diesel-powered mobile generators designed for applications from 9-760kVA.

A statement from the company said the new line joins Pramac’s product family dedicated to the mobile power business, expanding the product portfolio which already includes the GRW Rental series, professional portable generators and a full range of lighting towers.

“The new GPW design brings unmatched versatility to real operations. This new line solidifies Pramac’s global view of developing a basic core configuration for the power supply market that is compatible with a wide list of optional modules,” said Pramac’s statement.

Pramac added that the new GPW series has been designed to be reliable and durable, and to exceed the needs of easy handling and fast servicing. The series comes in two genset versions, silent and extra-silent, and presents a package of key features that include multiple fuel tank sizes ranging from 8-24 hours of autonomy; manual, automatic or parallel control panels equipped with options for remote signalisation and/or control; and extended options list to enhance genset safety, security and protection levels according ambient/site conditions and specific regulations

The first production phase covers the power range from 9 to 270kVA and is built using leading engine and alternator brands, said Pramac.

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