Renault Trucks introducing T X-Port converted used trucks for the MEA region

Full Euro 6 to Euro 3 conversions plus a raft of region-specific features including Optidriver as standard

Renault Trucks has launched the T X-Port, a specially converted and certified used truck for the African and Middle Eastern markets.

The converted truck is based on the 11l Renault Trucks T Euro 6 model and comes with a Euro 3 engine which has been fitted at the brand’s Used Trucks Factory in Bourg-en-Bresse, France.

“This is a Renault Trucks T Euro 6 model, converted to Euro 3 using strict industrial processes in the company’s specialised Used Trucks Factory workshops, in order to guarantee the highest level of pollution reduction in force in these markets. A Euro 6 used truck driven without the addition of Adblue would be permanently damaged and its emissions would equate to those of a Euro 0 vehicle,” explained Renualt Trucks in a statement.

The manufacturer further explained that the conversion starts with the dismantling of Euro 6 components, namely the silencer and AdBlue components, which are then sent to the manufacturer’s recycling network: “Operators at the Renault Trucks Used Trucks Factory then install the Euro 3 components and the reinforced filtration system. The software and manufacturer’s documentation are updated, allowing the vehicle to be recognised throughout the network with its new features.”

Other modifications also include the reinforcement of the air and diesel filters to improve the base truck’s ability to cope with the fuel differences and environment challenges of the region.

Ground clearance has also been increased by 30 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear.

Post-conversion testing of emission levels and engine performance (power and torque) are certified by UTAC, an independent international organisation. The truck undergoes the same quality process as a new vehicle, confirmed Renault Trucks.

“The Renault Trucks T range meets the needs of all companies operating in the road haulage sector: industrial transport, controlled temperature transport, tanker transport, and livestock transport. It offers customers the perfect balance between fuel savings and life on-board.”

Renault Trucks has stepped up its used truck operation in the last few years since opening a reconditioning plant at Bourg-en-Bresse, France. Following the T X-Road worksite support vehicle which launched two years ago, the T X-Port is pitched at the logistics and freight market with all-textile seats designed by RECARO, two driver’s armrests, the option of rearranging the positions of the control buttons and an ergonomic dashboard with a 7” central display, which is the largest on the market.

Also available are a storage compartment that can be accessed from both inside and outside the vehicle, plus a door-opening angle of 85°.

The automated Optidriver transmission – which selects the right gear at the right time according to speed, load and driving style in order to guarantee better mobility and greater comfort while driving – is fitted as standard.

The truck as a whole, the cab and every element of the powertrain have been designed to promote fuel savings, says Renault Trucks.

The windscreen is inclined by 12° and the cab itself is trapezoid in shape, being 2.35 metres wide at the front and 2.50 metres wide at the back, which improves its drag coefficient (cx) by up to 12%: “Enhanced productivity is provided by a GCW (gross combined weight) rating of up to 60 tonnes and a fuel tank capacity of up to 1,475 litres for long journeys.”

The Euro 3-certified Renault Trucks T X-Port comes with a 12-month international manufacturer’s warranty that covers all incidents relating to the engine, gearbox and axles and is valid throughout Renault Trucks sales and service outlets in the region. The T X-Port is only available from the Renault Trucks network.

In addition, a 24 months international manufacturer’s warranty and service contract are offered for a limited time.


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