ABB to supply Riyadh residential project with 17 EV chargers

Safa 28 is ABB’s first residential charger project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ABB, the global electrical products and solutions provider, has announced that it will supply the Safa 28 residential project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with 17 EV chargers, marking its first foray into providing residential chargers for a development in the Kingdom.

According to a statement released by ABB, the project will see ABB provide two kinds of chargers for the project, which is located in the Al Nada and Al Qairwan areas of Riyadh. The chargers will be installed within 12 weeks and consist of 13 ‘AC Terra Single Phase 7.4kW’ chargers, which will be installed in the basement of the buildings for the apartments and four ‘AC Terra Three Phases 22kW’ chargers – which will come with a metering function and radio frequency identification (RFID) cards – which will be installed for the villas.

The Safa 28 residential project is owned by the Safa Investment Company, and it plans to establish 140 housing units within 10 buildings, which then further expand to developing 921 buildings, the statement added.

“The most convenient place to charge your car is in the home. ABB offers easy to install EV chargers for the home, with all the components needed for smart home integration available from a single, trusted supplier. ABB home chargers are integrated with safety features for the protection of people and their electric vehicles,” said Ahmad Alhussein, ABB Local Business Manager, Saudi Arabia.

This is the first residential charger project for ABB in Saudi Arabia, having previously supplied three of 50 KW Fast DC Chargers, he added.

ABB offers a full range of charging and electrification solutions for electric cars, electric and hybrid buses, as well as for ships and railways. It entered the EV charging market in 2010, and since than has sold more than 14,000 ABB DC fast chargers across more than 80 countries, the statement concluded.

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