Hyster launches new electric lift trucks with integrated lithium-ion batteries

The J7.0–9.0XNL series of zero-emission machines offers 7-9t of lift capacity, achieving 100% charge in just 80 minutes

Hyster has launched a new forklift series with fully integrated lithium-ion batteries that offer rapid opportunity charging and performance comparable to diesel engines.

The American manufacturer said the J7.0–9.0XNL series of zero-emissions electric lift trucks offer 7-9t of lift capacity and achieve 100% charge in just 80 minutes. The new trucks have high voltage lithium-ion batteries and the endurance to support three shift operations in demanding industrial applications.

The J7.0–9.0XNL series is suitable for use in several industries, such as brick and block, metals, timber, paper and other heavy-duty industries, which can now “easily bring tough electric lift trucks into their fleet which offer class leading turn radius, fast acceleration, and even more responsive operation”, said a statement from Hyster.

Phil Ireland, programme leader 20/20 Platform, Counterbalance Solutions for Hyster, said: “The launch of this truck series gives tough applications a credible alternative to an IC truck, thanks to the unique combination of a lithium-ion battery, a high voltage drive system, and the use of multi-phase permanent magnetic motors. Operations can expect IC-like capability in terms of productivity, control and autonomy, alongside the added benefit of reduced noise levels, zero emissions and a low Total Cost of Ownership.”

The new series has four models – two compact and two standard – which can operate at maximum capacity for a full eight hours. The job can be completed quickly, thanks to fast acceleration over the first 15m and top speeds of up to 21km/h (unladen) and 18km/h (laden), ideal for sites with long driving distances.

Hyster added that the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in less than 80 minutes using a 50kW charger, enabling rapid opportunity charging during regular work breaks which eliminates the need for battery exchange. The integrated lithium-ion battery is maintenance free and, in the right application, has three times the life of lead acid batteries, the manufacturer said.

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