Manitowoc launches new MCT 275 tower crane

Available in two versions, jib-end lifting capacities of the 70m jib model are 2.3t for the 10t and 2.2t for the 12t versions

Manitowoc has further expanded its range of MCT topless cranes built in China with the introduction of the new Potain MCT 275 model.

Respecting social distancing, the new crane was unveiled at a virtual launch event at Manitowoc’s Zhangjiagang, China, factory late last month, where the 10t version of the MCT 275 was displayed with its full 70m jib.

The global crane major said in an announcement that the new model was largely inspired by the MCT 325 model and takes advantage of the advances and innovation Manitowoc has made with the MCT to delivers easier transport and assembly, along with high efficiency and reliability on construction projects.

Kwong-Joon Leong, regional product manager – Tower Cranes, Manitowoc, said: “With the increasing popularity of precast concrete construction, topless cranes like the MCT 275 are becoming the go-to solution for the speed and simplicity they bring to job sites. The topless design allows multiple units to overlap on site and with the MCT 275 we’re giving customers a new choice in the 10t and 12t range. With its standout 70m jib, we believe this crane will appeal to a wide range of companies and projects.”

Available in two versions, the MCT 275 offers jib length configurations from 30-70m in increments of 5m. At its 70m jib end, the MCT 275 can handle 2.3t for the 10t version and 2.2t for the 12t version, making it one of the best-in-class performers for long-distance lifting, according to the manufacturer.

Manitowoc added that on a well-prepared site, the MCT 275 can be setup within 1.5 days, with the full jib and counter-jib erected in four lifts. The complete upper part of the crane can be transported in six containers. The MCT 275 is designed to work with the 2m x 2m L68 mast systems and can be utilised with fixing angles on a regular high-rise construction project. Users can also assemble the crane in an internal climbing configuration or mounted on a chassis, for maximum versatility.

A variety of options are available for the hoisting, slewing and trolley mechanisms. The 10t version offers the 60 LVF25 as standard and the 75 HPL25 as option, while the 12t version offers the 75 LVFC30 as standard and the 75 HPL30 as options. The 60 LVF 25 is a 45W-rated hoist that offers a rope capacity of 500m and can lift 2.5t at up to 88m/min. The 75 HPL25 is a 55kW-rated hoist that offers a rope capacity of 834m and can lift 0.35t at up to 215m/min. The 75 LVFC30 is a 55kW-rated hoist that offers a rope capacity of 766m and can lift 1.5t at up to 114m/min. The 55kW-rated 75 HPL30 hoist has a 845m rope capacity and can lift 0.2t at up to 220m/min.

Manitowoc launched its first Potain topless crane – the MCT 385 – from the Zhangjiagang factory in 2014 and has added the MCT 205, MCT 85, MCT 325, MCT 565 and now the MCT 275 to complement the range. The MCT 275 will ultimately replace the MC 235 model, a long-serving hammerhead top-slewing crane in the Potain line-up.


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