Kaeser introduces new model in its compressor range

New M59 offers a wide pressure range from 6-14 bar

Kaeser Kompressoren has expanded Its 5m3 range of portable air compressors with the new M59, which offers a range of pressures from 6-14 bar.

According to the specialist German compressor maker, the Mobilair M59’s range is enabled by its flexible pV control system, which allows it to operate a breaker at a maximum pressure of 7bar or perform sandblasting work at 10bar. The infinitely adjustable maximum pressure (p) directly influences the maximum flow rate(V). The pV control system also serves to counteract potential pressure losses when working with long hose lines.

“The unit’s Sigma Control Smart controller makes it easy to set the pressure. At its lowest pressure setting, the M59 can provide a flow rate of up to 5.5m³/min. The new model is powered by a Stage V compliant Hatz engine,” said Kaeser.

“Since the engine requires a diesel particulate filter (DPF) it has replaced polyethylene structural elements with aluminium to keep the model lightweight while maintaining the robustness and long-term value retention.”

Kaeser emphasised that it had not compromised on the size of the fuel tank while trying to minimise the unit’s weight, retaining a tank large enough for a full day’s work on site.

Weighing less than 750kg, the M59 does not require a chassis with a service brake. This means that while towing it to job-sites, drivers do not need special trailer licences and can use a smaller towing vehicle. Another benefit is that the unit can be manoeuvred more easily by hand at the job-site.

The M59 can also be specified with an 8.5 or 13kVA generator, enabling it to act as a mobile power source for construction sites.


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