Bee’ah announces plans to convert landfill into 42MW solar farm

The company says it has helped Sharjah achieve a 76% waste diversion from landfill rate and has a 100% rate in its sights

Bee’ah plans to convert 47 hectares of the Al Saja’a landfill into a solar energy facility once the landfill is capped. The project in Sharjah is to be the region’s first solar energy landfill and is expected to generate more than 42MW of energy per year.

As part of the first phase of the project, the landfill area will be converted into 270,565sqm of solar area with a projected output of 24MW. The second phase will convert an additional 200,099sqm of solar area to produce 16MW of solar power.

Bee’ah also says it will develop an innovation and learning centre near the solar farm. The centre will educate visitors on the importance of protecting the environment and renewable energy projects, as part of the UAE’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“This new landfill solar project is a remarkable landmark achievement for Bee’ah, as we continue to push boundaries of both waste management and clean energy as part of our overarching mission for sustainability,” said Bee’ah chairman Salim bin Mohammed Al Owais.

Driving environmental sustainability and a circular economy, Bee’ah has taken an integrated approach to waste management through a zero-waste strategy, the firm said in its statement. After waste is collected and transferred to Bee’ah’s Waste Management Complex, advanced recycling facilities recover valuable resources and recyclables.

Bee’ah notes that it has helped Sharjah achieve a 76% waste diversion from landfill rate, and is fast approaching the 100% mark, with the launch of the Sharjah Waste to Energy Facility in 2021, via the Bee’ah-Masdar joint venture, Emirates Waste to Energy Company.

The Sharjah Waste to Energy Facility has an annual processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste to generate 30MW of electricity. On reaching the zero-waste target, Bee’ah will then be able to repurpose the Al Saja’a landfill into a solar energy farm.

Commenting on the strategy to turn landfills into a source of renewable energy, group CEO Khaled Al Huraimel explained, “Bee’ah aims to make environmental sustainability a reality and this investment to rejuvenate the Al Saja’a landfill for long-term solar infrastructure will help Sharjah attain its renewable energy targets, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Our new solar plant project will help fuel the energy requirements for the emirate.”

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