Skyjack improves battery management with ELEVATE Live telematics

Powered access major’s new digital product enables monitoring of charge and battery health by scanning a QR code, without the need for an app

Powered access major Skyjack has introduced a new telematics product called ELEVATE Live for its equipment range, which provides all relevant information about its units with the scan of a QR code, obviating the need to download and install any app and leading to better battery management to lower operating costs.

Highlighting some unique features in its existing ELEVATE telematics solution, the Canadian manufacturer said it provides “actionable insights into machine operation, which means measurable benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency”.

According to Skyjack, ELEVATE achieves this through five features. The first is by stopping costly on-site service calls due to operator error by remotely indicating when machine settings are incorrect, providing quick resolution. The second feature is the analysis of lifting, driving, load and total run time, providing “true working time”, that “looks beyond machine runtime in order to generate accurate reports”, according to the manufacturer.

A battery management system (BMS) is the third feature that targets battery replacement costs by providing battery health and treatment analysis. The CAN data and alerts, feature, meanwhile, sends critical machine faults to key personnel for immediate action. And with full data access customers own the data generated by their fleet, unlike other platforms, managing the data through ELEVATE apps, and/or API data feed.

Skyjack said that its DC scissor line, along with all Skyjack products, feature new QR code markings. This QR code is an integral part of the new digital product ELEVATE Live.

“ELEVATE Live provides machine-specific telematics data, as well as machine-specific familiarisation and documentation. Strictly relevant data like battery charging guide, battery life remaining and active fault codes, are provided to operators at the machine instantly. Machine documentation, like emergency lowering procedure, visual pre-check guide and familiarisation videos, are all there with the tap of a finger. No downloading an app. No username or password is required,” said a statement from Skyjack.

It added that ELEVATE Live takes advantage of ELEVATE BMS (Battery management System). Derived from machine learning techniques and algorithm development, Elevate BMS helps drive the battery health of a rental company’s fleet towards longer battery life.

“Extending battery life is a key goal for many rental companies as battery issues are one of the main drivers of service calls, and one of the largest contributors to a rental company’s cost of ownership,” said Skyjack, adding that it has uncovered some salient points in a study, namely that 75% of battery charges are less than 2.75 hours and batteries only receive one full charge a month.

“The type of the battery is not the only thing limiting its lifespan; it is the lack of insight to how that battery is treated that leads to premature battery failure and an inflated cost of ownership. Even the most technologically advanced battery underperforms if it is treated poorly,” said Skyjack.

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